Baron Regald

"The kind-hearted and helpful Baron of Freor"


Regald is tall and royal looking, with long black hair and dark eyes, he wears impressive, but not intimidating clothing, attempting to appeal to the other members of his town as much as possible.


Regald was born in the Freor as the son of the former Baron, Baron Gerald, he quickly learned the art of aristocracy from his father, and took over of the town at the age of 20. The town quickly grew prosperous, becoming the official sponsor for the Annual Scythe Convention (ASC) and establishing an Alchemists Guild in a few years. Baron Regald found an injured crow lying outside his window and quickly tended to its wounds, later learning that the crow was one of the Archmage’s familiars, and struck a friendship with the man ever since.

In 1049, the Baron was polymorphed and kidnapped by a sorcerer named Terrin, who, with the aid of the Alchemists Guild was attempting to turn the Baron over to the Cult of Wee Jas, as an entry test, but was foiled by members of the Arcane University, with a little help from a few adventurers who happened to be in the town at the time.

Baron Regald

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