The Merchant King

"The ruthless ruler of Port Staeir, a man who once controlled almost all of the trade between the two continents"


The Merchant King is a tall, rather slender Drow (as most are), he gave off a rather cold, unnerving feel to those around him, constantly scheming and finding ways to get rid of his enemies, or further his own profit. He loved to brag and show off his wealth to important figures that visited, inviting to stay at his palace for a few days and treating them with expensive foods and gifts.


The Merchant King started out as the bastard child, living alone in the streets of Port Staeir, just like dozens of others. He was quickly found to be more cunning and ruthless than the others, and was hired by a few smugglers to help carry shipments between the Western and Eastern continents, and quickly learned the tricks of the trade. By the time he was a fully grown until, The Merchant King found himself running a small smuggling organization, dealing everything from gems mined from the Deredar Mountain ranges, to highly toxic mushrooms found in the Dredd swamps. In the short span of 20 years, the soon-to-be ‘King’ would find himself running a trade corporation that controlled more than half the trade between the two landmasses.

Of course, at this point it was simply a matter of taking out the competition. Over the next few years, the main suppliers to his opponents suddenly disappeared, scaring off any other potential customers and shutting the other businesses down. This of course, created many enemies for The Merchant King, so he had a large palace for himself built in the Trade Capital, filling it with guards and mercenaries to scare off anyone who might try to go against him. By the young age of 120, The self proclaimed ‘King’, and all records of memories of his former named disappeared over the next 20 years or so, making him seem more like an invulnerable ‘icon’ than an actual being.

The Merchant King died in 1050, poisoned by a mysterious figure, who had managed to hoodwink everyone within the palace into believing that he was an important adviser the King, and thus managed to slip a deadly poison into the King’s drink, and then the King’s head guard shortly after wards.

The Merchant King

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