The Archmage

"A powerful yet someone mysterious being who is charge of the Arcane Univeristy..."


Standing a little more than 6 feet tall, and covered in an odd, blue robe, the archmage is an unusual sight indeed. A pair of odd, red goggles cover his eyes, and he carries a metallic looking staff with him at all times, channeling most of his spells through the weapon.


Not much is known about the history of the Archmage, he seemed to have been one of the few survivors of the destruction of the first tower, and moved to the Western Continent to construct a new one, settling close to the human capital city, Miraguard. Since then, he has attracted a large number of recruits, stretching the influence of the Arcane University almost everyone, serving as protectors over supernatural occurrences in the lands, while keeping a strictly neutral stance towards most politics. The Archmage often makes references to the first Elven War, suggesting that he was alive for the event, which was almost 800 years ago.

The Archmage

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