"A very popular wizard in charge of the Arcane Tower located in the human capital city of Miraguard."


Dave was enrolled into the University at age 3, and quickly found talent in things of magical nature. He had an eye for noticing magical items and after he graduated was quickly sent around the Eastern and Western kingdoms to locate and recover them, something he was very good at. After a few years of this, he became a direct apprentice of Matthews Regald, the original keeper of the Arcane Tower in Miraguard. After almost a decade of training and tutelage from Matthews, Dave took on the role of being the sole keeper of the tower, Matthews went back to the University to become a master, and train upcoming students in Arcane Arts.

Dave has been described as a very relaxed, helpful person, often aiding members of the Arcane University when they need help deciphering texts or uncovering properties of magical items. There have been many stories and rumors going about regarding parties Dave may or may not throw or attend, but so far no sufficient proof has been giving regarding this issue…


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